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The individual design according to your budget specifications is implemented in photorealistic renderings, which show all the details in advance. Material samples support the decision-making process. So there are no unexpected surprises at the start of the show.

Cubiblue Services

  • Connections

    How does electricity and water affect our stand? Where are the connections? How much amps for which machine? What exactly do we need? Why should you deal with it?

    Cubiblue® takes these questions from you.

  • service abholung


    Brochures, give-aways, office supplies need to be on your booth? Cubiblue® will pick all these things up at your location and makes sure that everything is ready for use on time.

  • Beverages and snacks

    Let us know your demand, we will do the purchase of beverages and nibbles for you. Do you like to have a special standcatering?

    Cubiblue® also ensures this.

    Cubiblue Services Cubiblue Services Cubiblue Services Cubiblue Services
  • Equipment

    What are your requirements for your kitchen? Porcelain and glasses, coffee machine, refrigerator, dishwasher - all on the spot when your stand staff arrives.

    Cubiblue Ausstattung Cubiblue Ausstattung Cubiblue Ausstattung Cubiblue Ausstattung
  • Graphics and media

    Digital printing on fabric, boards, acrylic glass, 3-D fonts, foil lettering. You specify the graphic - Cubiblue® ensures the perfect implementation.


    Digital presentation? Quite simply: Cubiblue® converts your data to the appropriate format, synchronized with the media used on your booth. This saves time and headaches.

  • Booth delivery

    You arrive at your booth - Cubiblue® is waiting for you. Your contact person is on site and informs you about the local conditions.

    Where to turn on the light? Where are the beverages? How does the coffee machine work? We take the time to tell you the comforts of your marketing tool.

    Cubiblue Standübergabe